2 Surfers

6000 kilometers along the atlantic coast

It took 4 months for the two brothers, travelling with their surfvan, to make it all the way down from Berlin to Tenerife. Along the European coastline they crossed Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal passing by countless surf spots.

Omaha Beach

The first spot that stopped the two was the Omaha Beach. 75 years ago, during WWII, one of the bloodiest battles in history took place here.

Surfing, probably the most peaceful sport in the world, drew a completely different picture in the waves that day. Every day on the road without schedule, faced the ocean, they searched for undiscovered spots.

Roads and Waves

Their surf sessions were the only appointments they had, ended somewhere between roads and waves, like getting lost on purpose. In a way, everything became surreal, losing the sense of time. Secluded bays were their sleeping places and a gas cooker prepared their meals.

Sound of the Sea

At night, after dinner, the boys sat in their camping chairs and enjoyed the view into the stars with the sounds of the sea...

...Until they finally went to sleep in their cozy bus, looking forward to the next day.

After visiting countless places and impressions on the road a 50-hour ferry ride brought them and their van from Cadiz to Tenerife.