HighSeas environmental projects

Every year, 150 million tons of plastic gets unnecessarily dumped into the seas all around the world. It is extremely damaging to the Earth’s climate, ecosystems and human health.

Alluvial Plastic

Not only because we as humans need this planet, but also because we as travelers and surfers love the coasts and the seas, we have to act now.

The biggest problem is that the plastic dissolves into small elements in the water. What we observe is that there are many beautiful surf spots overflowing with alluvial plastic on the beach and in the water.

We cannot solve the problem immediately, especially its origin, but we can take responsibility for the surfspots we love.

Environmental Projects

The HighSeas Team is setting up and financing our own environmental project in Spain and Portugal, with the key objective of cleaning up the beaches and coastal sections along the European coastline.

The more you support the more we can reinvest and increase the projects in the future, there is a lot to do, so let´s get started!

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